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The Internet has changed the way the world receives information and has produced new opportunities for small companies to attract customers. Press Releases allow you the opportunity to promoting your small business. Promoting your business is critical to build your customer base and press releases will help you get buzz and positive word of mouth.

You don’t need a massive marketing budget to promote your small business, just positive word of mouth. Sending out press releases will increase your client base and attract new customers.

Press Release ideas for Restaurants

If you are opening a new restaurant or have been around for years, Press Releases are a great way to inform your community and customers what is new and also a way to show your appreciation to your loyal customers.

  • Announce a new menu, i.e. spring menu, summer menu
  • Publicize a grand opening, new chef hire, change to organic ingredients
  • Highlight specials: kids eat free, Early Bird Specials, Tuesday Specials, Holiday Menu
  • Spotlight awards and recognition ie zagat
  • Promote In House catering
  • Highlight Party Menu
  • Announce Summer Hours
  • Highlight two for one specials
  • Promote restaurant week adding your special menu 

Press Release ideas for Bakeries & Pastry Shops

You have the best goodies in town and promoting it with Press releases will spread positive word of mouth and help you create buzz and expand your business.

  • Promote organic ingredients
  • Spotlight completed orders
  • Announce new items
  • Promote years in business
  • Highlight your catering Menu
  • Promote baking seminars
  • Promote Grand opening
  • Publicize Tasting Menu
  • Highlight donations made to local communities
  • Promote specials ie free bread with purchase 

Press Release ideas for Construction Contractors

Take your business online and allows customers outside your geographic area find you.

  • Spotlight completed projects
  • Publicize winning Bids/Contracts
  • Highlight New products
  • Announce produces you use
  • Promote years in business

Press Release ideas for Auto Dealerships

Spotlight how many financial institutes you use

  • Promote your service ie free oil changes, complementary pick up and drop off
  • Announce your new vehicles
  • Highlight your monthly sold inventory
  • Promote Sales and Incentives

Press Release ideas for Hair & Beauty Salons

You have a great niche in the neighborhood - why not tell everyone about it

  • Announce a new product line
  • Publicize a new employee
  • Promote Discounts, ie "Fix Bad hair day"
  • Spotlight Parties ie Toddlers, Bachelorettes, Mommy day

Press Release ideas for Retail Stores

You know you have an exciting retail shop that serves the community well and you want to make sure you highlight all the great things your shop is doing

  • Endorse a new line
  • Promote a Sale
  • Comment on something happening in your industry ie skinny jeans
  • Highlight a trunk shows
  • Spotlight added benefits of your store ie free tailoring, complementary gift wrapping
  • Announce Holiday shopping hours
  • Publicize an annual or monthly award
  • Spotlight small business Saturdays
  • Promote yourself as an expert by writing articles or offering tips on topics related to your

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