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Adi Zheng and Lucia Caravella, mothers of Chinatown restauranteurs collaborate



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Las Vegas, NV 06/08/20 • PB PRbullhorn.com • Adi Zheng & Lucia Caravella Sangiorgio have never cooked together before, but Wednesday, June 17th they will share the universal language of food in a special tasting menu in collaboration with Secret Burger, the exclusive menu item specialists.

Adi Zheng and Lucia Caravella Sangiorgio come from opposite ends of the new world, Lucia born in Mezzojuso, Sicily, and Adi born in Shanghai, China. Besides their mutual love for food and culture, the Grandma's are the mothers of Chef Jimmy Lu and Joe Muscaglione from the popular Chinatown Vegas restaurant, ShangHai Taste.

Shanghai Taste is mostly known as Sheng Jian Bao and Xiao Long Bao specialists. However, Wednesday, June 17th the Shanghainese restaurant will feature the cooking of their moms who will serve their son's favorite dishes as well as one fusion dish for each of the 3 courses that both moms, Jimmy and Joe will make together that will be a Chinese- Sicilian fusion dish.

"I'm really excited about this dinner"  boosts chef Jimmy Li. The tasting menu will include 3 dishes for each of the 3 courses, one Shanghainese dish cooked by Chef Li's mother, one Sicilian/Italian dish by his business partner Joe's Muscaglione's mother and one dish of each course prepared by the moms as well as their sons.

 The tasting menu will consist of three trios for each course. An Italian dish from Joes's mom, one Chinese dish from Jimmy's mother, and one fusion.
The tasting menu will include a special Shanghai xiao long Bao. Sicilian ricotta and swiss chard dumpling, seafood rice, Shanghai Fat Noodle, Pasta cu i 'vrocculi arriminati"
farfalle boscaiola with ShangHai duck and a lychee ice cream, watermelon gelato, and a Chinese cannoli will be the dessert.

"I have done countless dinners and tasting menus over the years, but few have been as exciting as this one. I can't wait"  says Joe Muscaglione. "Dishes from my two favorite cuisines, Italian and Chinese, as well as one dish that will combine the two great cuisines together,  in one seating, how can you beat that? "These are dishes Jimmy and I grew up with as well as some dishes we made just for this event with Secret Burger. We are very fortunate to do this with Secret Burger, exclusive dish specialists who introduce new, exciting and exclusive dishes from the best restaurants"

For tickets and more info, visit Secretburger.com

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